In Search of..."Lost Violets"

This page is devoted to finding African Violets that are not widely propagated or are just difficult to locate.  If there is a variety that you're looking for, please let me know and I'll add it to this list.  If you happen to locate one of these varieties, please let me know and I'll notify the person search for the variety.  Click here to email me.

1.  Crafty Farmer (L. Lyon) Semidouble blue. Plain. Semiminiature trailer
2.  Galaxy Trails (5246) 04/09/1983 (C. Phillips) Double pink. Medium green, plain, pointed/red back. Semiminiature trailer
3.  Karen Linda (4986) 09/15/1982 (P. Tracey) Double pink. Plain. Semiminiature trailer
4.  Melba Love (3622) 03/01/1979 (P. Tracey) Single pink. Plain, quilted. Semiminiature trailer
5.  Rosebud Trail (L. Ray) Double pink bell. Tiny. Miniature trailer
6.  Icicle Trinket (2522) 02/27/1974 (E. Champion) Double white frilled. Variegated, plain, serrated. Semiminiature
7.  Sweet One (H. Pittman) Semidouble rose-pink. Dark green, plain. Semiminiature
8.  Sweet Treat (L. Lyon) Single rose-pink. Red-backed. Semiminiature
9.  Dean's Wildfire (7407) 07/10/1990 (H. Hobbs) Single cerise-red. Variegated, heart-shaped. Semiminiature
10.  Dean's Ivory Lace (8017) 01/03/1994 (C. Hobbs/H. Hobbs) Single ivory white pansy. Variegated green and white, heart-shaped. Miniature  Found it! :)
11.  Andrew (F. Tinari) #3586, 1/04/1979 Single purple, plain pointed