Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here's a tip for you...grow Interlude!

Interlude, (4935) 08/09/1982 (Eyerdom) Double silver-blue lavender star/white fluted edge. Glossy, ruffled. Standard, is one of the best tipped blossom varieties ever hybridized.  Unlike many tipped blossomed varieties that lose their tips in the heat of summer, Interlude shrugs off the dog days of summer and delivers a brilliant boutique of blossoms richly tipped in deep lavender.

I periodically offer starter plants and leaf cuttings of this variety on eBay.  My eBay store is


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stand Your Ground!

Just what I needed, another stand!  This makes six!  Does anyone really need six stands?  Probably not but for some of us, we just can't help ourselves.

Yes, I bought another chrome food & beverage cart at Costco ($84) and added three lights from Home Depot ($29.86 each) plus Natural Light T8 bulbs ($35 for 10 bulbs).  I haven't moved anything to the top shelf yet which is why it isn't pictured.

I've been selling quite a few strepts in my gift store and really needed a stand that I could focus growing them on.  These stands come with five (5) shelves but I only put three up so I could get some space between the plant and the light fixtures.  Similar stands growing my miniature violets have four shelves.  I can grow 54 strepts in 4" Oyamas with this configuration.  I sell about 20 - 25 plants a month in the store so I just need to keep up with the rotation so I don't run out!  What you don't see is another stand (with four shelves) that has several hundred starter plants just waiting for their turn at the "Big Stand".

If you need/want a stand - these chrome stands are very economical and work very well.  Give one a try!

What's Blooming - Kohleria 'Manchu'

I don't grow many of the "Other" Gesneriads but when I say this one pictured I thought, what the heck...give it a try.  WOW!  This thing never stops blooming, produces vigorous new growth/chutes and seems pretty hardy.  It also doesn't seem to be overly sensitive to my inconsistent watering schedule.  Not growing any Kohlerias?  Give this one a shot.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's Blooming - Streptocarpus Bristol's Black Cherry

This blossom is so dark, creamy and rich that it should be adorning some delicious dessert!  The foliage is just about as dark as the blossom.  A compact grower with a simply stunning blossom.  The foliage is neat and tidy. 

What's Blooming - Streptocarpus Butter Blues

I just love a blue/yellow combination and this one doesn't disappoint!  It does grow a bit on the larger side so if you're looking for something in the compact range this may not be the variety for you.


What's Blooming - Streptocarpus Black Tie Affair

If you're looking for the ultimate center piece at your next wedding, here it is.  David so appropriately named this variety.  The center is a dark purple (versus black) but that doesn't matter a's one of my favorite Streptocarpus to grow.  It stays quite small with very tidy foliage.  The blossoms are produced freely and in good quantity.

What's Blooming - Streptocarpus Franken Amy

This is quite possibly my favorite blossom on a Streptocarpus.  It's just delicious!  If there is a prettier bloom I haven't found it yet!