Saturday, January 7, 2012

Streptocarpus WOW (Polish)

Okay, so I "borrowed" this photograph.  It's okay, I'm not realizing any financial gain from doing so!

Here's an awfully pretty new streptocarpus from Poland.  It has hit eBay a couple of times and is currently listed for sale by a grower in Poland.  It seems like a very reasonable price to pay...about $42 for the plant with shipping.  Click HERE to go the eBay listing.  

I am also growing this variety, courtesy of he who can't be named, and will have some starters available in early summer (provided of course I get good propagation).  The hybridizer will be paid 50% of the sales price for any that I sell.


  1. It is a very pretty variety. Hopefully the leaves I put down will start to produce some plantlets soon! Fingers crossed.